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While the focus of these laws might be at suppressing the phenomenon of "dealing canines," certain parties are in some cases excluded from these laws. As might be anticipated, numerous states omit non-profit animal shelters or gentle societies from the law's reach. This kind of exclusion ends up being required when considering the undesirable puppies frequently left on the doorstep of such organizations.

The federal AWA manages just a specific group of people included in canine commerce; specifically, dog dealers and exhibitors. Dealers are specified as those people who purchase canines to sell for research or animals, however that term does not include retail animal shops. Exhibitors are those individuals who purchase animals to exhibit or carry out in circuses, zoos, carnivals, and the like.

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With those restrictions in mind, the AWA guidelines (the guidelines by which the dealers and research study institutions should abide to keep their licenses and prevent fines) state that no pet dog might be provided to any transport provider unless it is at least eight weeks old and weaned. This provision (Sec.

130) leaves out signed up research centers, however. Research It Here may be left out by default because the statute does not reach the activity. For example, a number of the state statutes just apply to sales of pups and not any transfers that do not involve any financial or other consideration. In fact, the incentive behind nearly all of these statutes is to manage the commerce of young puppies within the state.

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In any event, it is safe to say that many states are worried about the supply and demand element of the puppy trade. States are trying to suppress the sale of immature pups at the source. Maryland even goes so far as to make it unlawful to display a minor pup so that it does not entice uninformed consumers.

About half the states make an offense of the law a criminal misdemeanor. California's law makes it a misdemeanor to sell a puppy under the age of 8 weeks as does Nebraska's . Violation of the California

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